• Let's Catch the Lion 3x4 - Japanese Animal Chess

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Let's Catch the Lion is a board-game for two players. It has only 12 squares and 4 different animal-pieces for each of the players but it is very deep. You can experience all main elements of shgi the Japanese equivalent of chess. Madoka Kitao and Maiko Fujita, two Ladies-Professional Shgi players, who love Shogi very much worked together to create this fascinating game. The game is really easy to start, as there are dots on the pieces to show you how you can move them. The pieces are shaped like wood blocks so children naturally want to touch them. But the game is not only for children. Adults may share the fascination for simple rules and deep strategic thinking with their children. Let's start and try to Catch the Lion!
Wydawnictwo Ei System
Obudowa pudełko
Wymiary 230x165 mm
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